How to Set Up A Proxy in GeeLark

Set up a proxy in a profile

  1. A proxy is necessary for creating a profile. You can set up a proxy by filling out the required information, such as proxy type, port, host, username, and password.
  1. After filling out the information, click “Check proxy” to test the proxy connection. GeeLark has integrated with two IP address databases: IP2Location and ip-api. You can choose one of them to verify the IP location.
check proxy

Add proxies to the Proxies section

  1. Instead of individually setting up a proxy for each profile, a more efficient method is to use the “Proxies” section for bulk management.
proxies section
  1. Begin by selecting “Add proxy” to add multiple proxies simultaneously.
add proxy
  1. Enter the information for your desired proxies in the specified formats, ensuring each proxy is listed on a new line. An automatic check for duplicates will be performed, preventing the addition of any repeated proxies.
bulk add proxies
  1. Next, conduct a “Proxy test” to verify the IP connection and location. Confirm the additions by clicking “OK”.
proxy tests
  1. The proxies you’ve added will appear in the “Saved proxies” dropdown list when you’re creating or editing a profile.
saved proxies

Each proxy is listed with two numbers: the left indicates its serial number in the Proxies section, and the right shows the number of profiles connected to it.

saved proxies list