We offer customized pricing plans tailored to your needs, whether you’re a beginner or a professional team. Our solutions are designed to efficiently scale your multi-account management.


Ideal for beginners




    Additional seats:



    • Profile creation
    • Integration with HTTP / HTTPS / SOCKS5
    • Use of cloud phones (maximum 48 hours for free)
    • TikTok automation – Account warmup
    • TikTok automation – Publish image collection
    • TikTok automation – Publish video

    Ideal for small teams

      $0 /month


      Additional seats:

      Everything in Free, plus:

      • Creation of no more than 1000 profiles
      • Add more team members
      • Member management

      Ideal for professional teams

        $0 /month

        Additional seats:

        Everything in Base, plus:

        • Creation of up to 5000 profiles
        • Bulk profile creation
        • TikTok automation – Table editing for publishing video
        • TikTok analytics
        • Synchronizer
        • AI editing

        Customize your plan

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        All features, plus:

        • Creation of more than 5000 profiles
        • Customized features

        Cloud phone charges

        GeeLark provides a range of cloud phones tailored to diverse business needs. Our flexible billing system charges in 15-minute increments, with no fees for non-use, and includes a daily cap to help you manage operating costs effectively.

        BasicsLacks sound and cameraEquipped with sound and cameraFeatures sound and camera
        PerformanceAverageGood, designed to flawlessly run short video appsGood, ideal for seamlessly running any apps
        Recommended use scenariosTikTok automationSocial media account management, short video app management, and TikTok automationAll scenarios
        Charges$0.05 per 15 minutes; daily expenditure cap of $0.5$0.08 per 15 minutes; daily expenditure cap of $0.8$0.08 per 15 minutes; daily expenditure cap of $0.8

        TikTok automation

        TikTok automation offers remarkable convenience for users by automatically performing related tasks at scheduled intervals, batching video and image uploads, and significantly reducing operational workload.

        ItemsConsumed pointsDescription
        AI video editing22 points are consumed every 30 seconds (with any execution under 30 seconds rounded up to 30 seconds). Points are deducted only for successful executions, not for failed or cancelled ones.
        Publish video1Publishing a regular video costs 1 points
        Send video with a shopping cart2Adding a product link (a yellow basket) to the video costs 2 points
        Publish images1Making an image post costs 1 point
        Account warmup11 point is consumed for every 5 minutes of execution (any duration under 5 minutes is rounded up to 5 minutes). Each random like, comment, or collection action also costs 1 point.
        TikTok automation operates on a point-based system. New users receive 50 points for exploring this feature. Additional points can be purchased at a rate of $0.025 per point.

        Payment methods



        GeeLark’s cloud phone profile operates using cloud phone technology. A cloud phone is essentially an Android device hosted in the cloud, providing all the major functionalities of a physical smartphone without the need for actual hardware.

        We currently accept payments via credit cards, PayPal, and USDT. We are continually working to integrate additional payment methods to enhance convenience for our users.

        Create an account and log in. Go to the “Billing” section and click on “Upgrade subscription.” Select the number of profiles and member seats that match your needs, then click “Monthly subscription” and specify the subscription period. Finally, click “Pay” to complete your purchase.