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About GhostCut

GhostCut is an AI video editing tool designed to assist creators, merchants, and MCNs with localized video marketing. It provides functionality for video translation, hard subtitle translation, and subtitle removal. The tool has features like smart text removal to efficiently erase hardcoded subtitles with just one click, making it easier to repurpose videos.

The Video Remaker feature of GhostCut identifies and modifies content that might cause a video to be classified as non-original by various platforms, enhancing the chances for traffic generation. Additionally, GhostCut offers video translation and dubbing capabilities, removing the need for manual translation or dubbing. Users can easily translate audio or subtitles into multiple languages, dub over the original audio, and erase the original subtitles to target global audiences effectively.

GhostCut also supports the creation of multiple creative styles from a single video. Users can input a video link from any social media platform and generate several stylistically different videos, then choose the one they prefer for use on platforms like TikTok, Shorts, YouTube, Kwai, Moj, and others.