Introducing GeeLark: The Next-Gen Mobile Antidetect Solution for Multi-Accounting

In today’s digital landscape, a robust antidetect solution is critical for those managing multiple accounts. Many seasoned multi-account users are aware of the risks associated with cross-website tracking, such as IP blocking. To mitigate these issues, they often turn to antidetect browsers. However, it’s crucial to recognize that multi-accounting on mobile devices presents similar challenges. Apps can track device information and other personal data, including phone numbers. This is where GeeLark antidetect cloud phone becomes invaluable. By emulating an Android device, it enables seamless management of multiple app accounts, significantly reducing the risk of suspension.

What is GeeLark

Meet GeeLark, the game-changer in antidetect technology. Unlike anything on the market, GeeLark offers revolutionary antidetect cloud phones that go beyond the typical antidetect browser you might be familiar with. Imagine having the power to simulate not just Android browsers, but entire Android devices!

With GeeLark, dive into the world of multiple cloud phone profiles, each boasting its own unique digital fingerprint. It’s like having a fleet of Android phones at your fingertips, without any risk of overlap or detection, keeping those pesky IP blocks at bay.

Dreaming of managing multiple TikTok or mobile game accounts without fear of bans? GeeLark is your go-to solution for navigating the digital world with ease and efficiency.

GeeLark’s features

Dive into GeeLark, where the possibilities are endless: create multiple cloud phone profiles, each with its own unique fingerprint, making them appear as genuine, independent devices. Wave goodbye to Google Play’s hassle with GeeLark’s built-in Android app market, a veritable goldmine of easily accessible apps. Plus, with its innovative automation tool, say hello to effortless management of mundane tasks, freeing up heaps of time and energy.

Let’s zoom in and explore the magic of GeeLark’s features.

Separated cloud phone profiles

Elevate your privacy game by crafting and managing multiple cloud phone profiles. Imagine each profile with its own unique IP address, phone number, MAC address, and Bluetooth address – a digital fortress ensuring your activities stay private and untracked. This clever separation means activities in one profile never mix, shielding you from platform tracking and identity mix-ups.

But, there’s a catch: to explore the antidetect cloud phone profiles, you first need to get your hands on some cloud phones. Not to worry, though, we’ve got you covered! A detailed explanation of the types of cloud phones available and their pricing is coming up next.

separated profiles

Built-in Android app market

GeeLark revolutionizes the cloud phone experience with its Android app market for every profile. In GeeLark’s cloud phone profiles, downloading any app becomes a breeze—no need to open Google Play.

Built-in Android app market

Automation templates

With GeeLark’s automation tool, you can say goodbye to the monotony of repetitive tasks and hello to streamlined workflows that boost your efficiency without compromising security and privacy. At the moment, we provide three TikTok automation templates: Publish video, Publish image collection, and Account warmup, crafted to elevate your TikTok presence.

GeeLark use a task points system. Each automation task deducts some points, but here’s the kicker: every newbie gets 100 free task points to kickstart their automation journey. So, why wait?

Automation templates

Proxy management

Managing a large number of proxies can become quite chaotic. To streamline this process, we’ve introduced a Proxies section on GeeLark. This feature allows for the importation of all the proxies you’ll need, eliminating the repetitive task of searching, copying, and pasting proxy information. Additionally, you have the option to add remarks to each proxy to prevent any confusion.

Proxy management

When creating or editing a profile, you can easily select any imported proxy from the “Saved proxies” dropdown list. This enhancement makes the process both more efficient and user-friendly.

saved proxies

Profile grouping

Efficiently organize your profiles with the seamless profile grouping feature. This functionality enables you to manage and access various profiles with ease, proving particularly beneficial for users juggling multiple personas or tasks.

Profile grouping

Team collaboration

Work together with your team while upholding strict security standards. Fine-tune permission settings to ensure that each team member has access only to the resources and tools essential for their specific role.

Team collaboration

Applications of GeeLark antidetect cloud phones

Social media management

In today’s world, where the majority are captivated by their mobile screens, social media platforms have introduced mobile-exclusive features to enhance user experience. Notable examples include Instagram’s Reels and Stories. Moreover, some platforms, like TikTok, are significantly more user-friendly on mobile than on the web, where uploading a video smoothly and quickly garnering views can be challenging.

For social media managers, leveraging antidetect cloud phones offers a strategic edge. These cloud phones allow access to mobile-specific features without needing multiple physical devices. Cloud phones empower managers to seamlessly switch between multiple accounts and regions, and even emulate different mobile devices, which is invaluable for targeted audience engagement and developing effective engagement strategies.

Account farming

Account farming – the method of cultivating numerous online accounts – is another area where cloud phones reveal their value. The practice, common in affiliate marketing programs, requires the management of multiple profiles, each necessitating unique phone numbers and device IDs.

With cloud phones, users can operate multiple lines without needing a physical SIM card for each one. This dramatically simplifies account farming, making it more sustainable and scalable, all while offering the potential to track and optimize the performance of each account.

Crypto giveaway

Crypto enthusiasts and marketers understand that community engagement is pivotal. Crypto giveaways are a strategic way to drive this engagement, but they often require participants to perform actions on mobile-centric apps and platforms.

A cloud phone can serve as a dedicated device for entering these giveaways, keeping personal and promotional activities separate, ensuring privacy and security. For organizers, cloud phones can aid in managing these events, providing virtual devices to run applications and track the performance of campaigns without clogging their personal mobile phones.

P2E mobile games

Play-to-Earn (P2E) mobile games have skyrocketed in popularity, offering players real economic incentives. However, they can be demanding in terms of accessibility. Cloud phones can power your P2E gaming tasks, whether you’re grinding in-game currency in an MMORPG or building virtual lands in a metaverse project.

For gamers or gaming influencers, cloud phones mean no more device limitations. Instead, they can engage in P2E games on a global scale, seamlessly switching between titles or accounts without any need for multiple physical devices.

Development tests

App developers face the challenge of ensuring their creations run smoothly across a myriad of devices. Testing is key, but acquiring numerous phones for testing purposes isn’t always feasible.

By leveraging cloud phones, developers can replicate how their app operates on different devices and under various conditions. This provides immediate feedback on user experience and performance, pinpointing potential issues before a public launch.

GeeLark pricing

Subscription plans

GeeLark offers three tailored subscription options: Free, Base, and Custom.

  • Free: This plan is forever free and grants access to two browser profiles. However, the cutting-edge antidetect browser profile feature is not available yet. Stay tuned for its upcoming release!
  • Base: For those interested in exploring the cloud phone profile, the Base plan is your gateway, as this feature is not included in the Free plan. Additionally, it offers automation, team management, and access to action logs. Pricing varies based on the number of profiles and team member seats required.
  • Custom: Building upon the Base plan, the Custom option is designed for users who need more profiles than what Base offers. It encompasses all Base features and caters to those requiring a higher level of customization.

Each plan is crafted to meet diverse needs, ensuring that GeeLark users have the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for their endeavors.


Cloud phone charges

GeeLark offers three varieties of cloud phones to cater to diverse needs:

  • Basic: Lacks sound and camera, ideal for operating social media apps.
  • Advanced: Equipped with sound and camera, designed to flawlessly run short video apps.
  • Premium: Features sound and camera, delivering the highest performance for seamlessly running any apps.
Cloud phone charges

A usage fee applies for using the cloud phone. Charges commence from the moment the cloud phone profile is activated, with an initial billing period covering the first 15 minutes. Subsequent billing occurs in 15-minute intervals. If the cloud phone is deactivated (the profile is closed), billing ceases. Usage under 15 minutes incurs a charge equivalent to 15 minutes. Pricing varies by cloud phone type:

  • Basic: $0.04 per 15-minute interval.
  • Advanced & Premium: $0.07 per 15-minute interval.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’re only billed for the time you use, avoiding charges for hours of inactivity. Plus, daily expenditure is capped at $0.4 for Basic and $0.7 for Advanced and Premium. Thus, even with 20 hours of usage in a day, your maximum daily charge for a Basic cloud phone would be just $0.4.