v 1.4.0

GeeLark v1.4.0: Live Stream, New Pricing and TikTok Analytics

We are excited to introduce GeeLark v1.4.0, featuring a series of new features aimed at enhancing the efficiency of use.

Live stream

With this release, live streaming is now available on Advanced and Premium phones. You can use your computer’s camera or OBS camera as the cloud phone’s camera to start a live stream.


New pricing

To ensure easy access to mobile multi-account management and provide companies with flexibility and scalability, we are introducing a new pricing model. We have introduced the Pro plan and made adjustments to the Base plan, while the Free plan remains unchanged. Here are the details of our Base and Pro plans:

Base: Ideal for basic account management

Perfect for beginners and teams with simple needs, the Base plan offers cost-effective multi-accounting.

  • Starting price: $5/month, including 5 cloud phone profiles
  • Additional seat price: $5/member
  • Maximum cloud phone profiles: 1000 within a Base subscription

Pro: Advanced features for greater efficiency

For teams requiring advanced control, the Pro plan is the optimal choice.

  • Starting price: $19/month, including 20 cloud phone profiles
  • Additional seat price: $9/member
  • Maximum cloud phone profiles: 5000 within a Pro subscription
  • Advanced features: Includes all Base features, plus bulk creation of cloud phone profiles, table editing for TikTok automation template “Publish videos”, and TikTok analytics.

Subscription plan comparison

Please note, in addition to subscription fees, there is a cost for cloud phones, with different types offering varying performance.

TikTok analytics

We are introducing the TikTok analytics feature in this update. You can now batch add TikTok account IDs for statistical analysis. The system will automatically summarize the data from the past 7 days, enabling you to track and optimize content performance and strategy.


In Conclusion