Reliable Proxies for Multi-accounting

Nobody wants to be constantly monitored, limited in their actions, and banned for violating the rules. However, on the Internet, you cannot do without it – when you visit any site, a digital trace remains. Websites track users through an IP address, an identification code assigned to each device. However, it is possible to hide from surveillance. To do this, you need to change the IP address, and proxy servers will help with this.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is an intermediate server that connects the user and the site. It masks the IP address – this is its main task. What it looks like in practice: the user sends a request to the site, the proxy server intercepts it, and then transmits it to the final web resource on its behalf. Thus, the user receives information from sites without revealing his IP address. Websites do not see the real IP and cannot determine the real geolocation.

What are proxies for?

Proxy is a tool for anonymization, security, and expansion of capabilities on the Internet. Proxies are used in various fields: internet marketing, online games, traffic arbitrage, and crypto trading. Proxies are popular not only among professionals, but also among ordinary users. What opportunities are available using a proxy:

  • multi-account;
  • efficient parsing;
  • safe use of automation programs;
  • protection against cyber threats;
  • protection of personal data from leakage;
  • bypass geographical restrictions;
  • anonymous web surfing.

Proxies will be useful for those who work simultaneously with several accounts on one platform, are engaged in online promotion, and make money from cryptocurrency and bookmakers.

What is is a service that has been renting proxies since 2016. The service provides for renting all existing types of proxies and a large selection of geolocations around the world – 88 countries. The main advantage of, which sets it apart from competitors, is quality. All proxy servers presented are anonymous, reliable, high-grade and secure.

Advantages of focuses on the needs of their clients, therefore, they provide all the conditions for comfortable use of the service. Let’s consider all the advantages point by point:

  • Big choice. Mobile, residential and server proxies are available. There are also 2 protocol versions available: IPv4 and IPv6;
  • Convenient and intuitive interface. The site was created in such a way that even beginners can figure out how to use it. Thanks to convenient, logical sections, you can easily understand how to place an order or find information of interest;
  • Variety of geolocations. There is an IP address for both the largest world power and a small state. There are 88 countries to choose from;
  • Speed. All proxies provide high speed, on average 7 Mbit/s, and a stable connection;
  • Automated service operation. Proxy is issued automatically. Immediately after payment, the IP address and port are displayed in your personal account;
  • Responsive technical support. For the convenience of users, the creators of the service provided 24-hour technical support. You can contact the operators on any question related to proxies or ask for help with your choice. The answer comes within 5 minutes.

In addition to high-quality proxies, a simple interface, and round-the-clock technical support, has another big advantage – the presence of a profitable affiliate program. The service provides an opportunity for clients to earn money by inviting new users through a referral link. The service pays 20% of the purchase amount of each referral for life.