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About Proxy-Solutions

There is no registration on the site, which saves your time and does not force you to take unnecessary actions. At the same time, the user’s Personal Account is as functional as possible and flexible in setting up various functions. The site has an online operator/consultant via chat with a live employee. Support is provided using a ticket system and works 24/7 without days off or breaks. Payment can be made using the most popular methods: Visa/Mastercard, Qiwi, Yumoney, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, PayPal and other payment systems.

As for the proxies themselves, the author’s innovative proxy server implementation technology is used, which allows the proxy to be as productive and stable as possible.

We present to your attention different areas of services and tariff plans, such as:

  • Personal proxies (private IPv4 proxies)
  • Packet proxies (private IPv4 “wholesale” proxies combined into packages by the number of addresses)
  • Prime proxies (proxies have Type: (ISP) or Residential or business)
  • City proxy (the ability to select not just a country, but a specific city where the proxy server is located)
  • UDP proxies (private IPv4 proxies with UDP protocol support)
  • Multi protocol proxies (private IPv4 proxies with support for proxy protocols: Shadowsocks, Socks5+TLS, Trojan+TLS, VLESS+TLS)
  • Mobile proxies (dynamic LTE proxies, IP addresses of mobile operators)
  • Mobile proxies plus (possibility of choosing with location accuracy to the city and telecom operator)
  • Network tools (Access to the tools of the Network tools service without restrictions)

Connection types: HTTP/HTTP(s), SOCKS5 are available for any tariff.

The throughput of proxy servers is up to 100 Mb/sec, and mobile proxies are up to 30 Mb/sec, which is quite sufficient for comfortable work in any direction, and high-tech software and hardware solutions have a positive effect on server performance, everything is as balanced as possible. Innovative technology allows proxies to work with absolutely any website, program, service, online game, script and more; integrate proxies wherever you need.

You can purchase a proxy for any period from one day to a year or more, it is also possible to extend it for the specified periods, and it is possible to extend it “flexibly” (by refusing, replacing or expanding the number of addresses in the order). It is also possible to renew (automatically), or do a group renewal.
Prices on the site are formed as follows; in addition to the possibility of using bonuses and discounts, the price tag for 1 IP address will decrease with an increase in the proxy in the order.

The site presents NETWORK TOOLS tools that contain both free and more advanced paid functions. They will be useful to you to save time when solving your problems.

For arbitrators, owners of groups on social networks, websites, catalogs and others, the affiliate program will be of interest. Up to 25% commissions and a number of other affiliate opportunities will make cooperation with as productive and profitable as possible.