Geelark v1.5.0: Introducing Synchronizer and AI Video Editing

We are thrilled to unveil the new features in GeeLark v1.5.0 that significantly enhance work efficiency and reduce the workload associated with multi-account tasks. This update includes the innovative Synchronizer and advanced AI video editing tools. Read on for more details!


The Synchronizer is designed to streamline actions across all your cloud phone profiles, saving you time on repetitive tasks and boosting overall efficiency. To use this feature, simply add the cloud phone profiles you wish to synchronize and designate one as the main window. Actions performed in the main window will be mirrored across all other profiles, effectively making it the controller for all.

GeeLark offers three types of cloud phones with different interfaces. For optimal synchronization, we recommend using profiles of the same cloud phone type for synchronization.

Cloud phone location targeting

This release introduces a flexible proxy-changing method that allows you to modify the cloud phone location while updating the proxy information. In addition to setting the cloud phone location based on the IP address, you can now specify a precise location by entering its longitude and latitude.


AI video editing

We’ve partnered with GhostCut to bring AI video editing to GeeLark. Starting with v1.5.0, when using the “Publish video” automation template for posting TikTok videos, you can opt for “AI video editing.” This feature automates the editing process, saving you the hassle of manual, one-by-one video edits.


Bonus for new users

We understand the hesitation in investing in new tools. To help you get started, every new registered user will receive a $1 bonus, allowing you to test cloud phones without any initial investment.


Additionally, new users will receive 50 free points to explore TikTok automation.


Download the latest version now to experience these incredible features. Not a GeeLark user yet? Don’t hesitate to sign up!